(Camel Cigarettes at McCann FFM 1990 to 1992)

From 1990 to 1992 I was responsible for the 
german Camel team at McCann-Erickson FFM 
as creative director.

 We developed the campaign that won several 
international awards.
The Cannes Lions in Gold for print advertising 
and the cinema spots were the peak of my 
creative career at McCann.

Camel movie

(German Railways at McCann FFM 1986 to 1991)

For nearly 5 years I was the creative director 
for German Railways at McCann. 

Our campaigns and the communication material
we designed and produced have always belonged
to the best advertisements in print advertising 
and tv commercials.
The example shows a special youth 
commercial to gain new target groups.
Film: Bye Bye love DB movie


(Sportshoes at McCann FFM 1986 to 1990)

As creative director at McCann I was responsible for the creative part of the communication
for the Puma Trinomic System in 1989.

(PC´s at McCann FFM 1988) As an art director I developed the visuals of the campaign for the Olivetti Personal Computers in Germany at McCann in 1988.


(Coke & Fanta (light) at McCann FFM/NY 1988-1992) For several years my team and I were creating
the whole communication for the brand ‚Fanta‘ on the German market.

We created the following commercials in order to make the brand ‚Fanta‘ more attractive to older
target groups.

In 1990 I was invited to McCann NY to develop creative ideas for ‚Coca-Cola light‘, Europe.

Film Fanta :fanta

Film Fanta light: fanta2


(Soups at McCann FFM 1990-1992) Maggi soups is one of the leading brands in Germany.

To reach more consumers, they created the international soup specialties and
we did the communication in 1991.

Film Maggi Soup 1: maggi

Film Maggi Soup 2:  maggi2


(Cereals test at McCann FFM 1989) Nestle was about to create a competitive brand
and products on the cereal market. In 1990 we did the test communication for it at McCann.


(CD, B2C, B2B communication at UVA 1999-2002) Envia is one of the largest electricity suppliers
in the estern part of Germany and a daughter of RWE.

From 1999 on, my team at UVA and I created print campaigns and tv commercials to keep current
customers and gain new costumers and companies.

We were very proud of our work, because Envia was an absolutely unknown brand, and after only three years we managed to gain a 86% awareness and brand recognition.

The cinema commercial won several national and international prices.

Film envia: envia


(Levi`s jeans & clothing with McCann FFM 1982-1987) Levi´s became my main client when I joined
McCann FFM in 1982. Soon I was responsible for the creative output on this client until the
relaunch of the famous 501.

Bartle, Bogle, Hagerty was the agency that did the european commercials and won the whole account in 1986.

Nevertheless, I gained my first creative award as AD together with my team at McCann with the German Levi`s print campaign in 1985.


(B2C communication at UVA since 2002) The public supply service of Magdeburg is called SWM.
They are proud of their very personal and reliable service relative to all needs of the inhabitants of Magdeburg.

Also they do a lot of cultural and sport sponsoring. In other words, they are part of the life in the city.

Especially at nighttime the safe disposal of electricity is important for emotional messages.

Film SWM 1: swm

Film SWM 2: swm2


(Marketentrance Germany at UVA 1993-1995) From 1993 to 1995, Statoil was a client of UVA.
We created the market entrance campaign for Statoil in Germany.


(CD at UVA since 2002) When 1600 landscape architects have to decide about a new logo for their national organisation, it needs a very sensitive approach to consider these 1600 different

We solved that problem by setting up an internet-based process that involved every single
architect and made the design-process very basic, but successful.

Nearly all of them identify with the new corporate design which is meanwhile in use.

Mission possible.

(Communication at UVA since 2002) Octapharma is a worldwide operating plasma
fractionation specialist.

In this very sensitive field of products based on human blood every bit of communication needs a
highly responsible dispute on content and form.

Even under the pressure of deadlines, the creative output has to care about the specific ethic demands the brand and its products stand for.

That makes the design results especially valuable.


(Berlin TV, on- & off-screen design, 1992-2001) Together with my team at UVA I was responsible
for the whole corporate and the screen design of the regional public television program of Berlin for
nearly 10 years.

Even the studio design for more than 10 different productions was developped by my team and me.

No matter whether it was the weather, sports or politics, we designed every single product always as part of one broadcasiting brand.

After a while, the Berliners mentioned B1 as ‚our tv-program‘.


(Communication at UVA since 1998) Lorberg nursery gardens is one of the largest and most successful nurseries in Germany, delivering to whole europe.

My team and I did the relaunch of the corporate design and developed several campaigns.


(National horticultural show 1999 at UVA 1994-1999) After working for the BUGA Cottbus in 1997
we won the account for the BUGA Magdeburg 1999 and designed the whole communication,
including CI and cooperation designs.

The BUGA 99 was the best visited BUGA in the past 15 years because we succeeded in activating the
identification potentials of the whole regional population with outstanding creative ideas.


(Wooden houses, communication at UVA 1996-2000) Ugland Industier is a big norwegian company.

They entered the German market in 1992 and tried to enlarge their global market shares by increasing their sales especially in the eastern parts of Germany.

We developed different successful communication materials.


berlin aktuell radio station (CI/CD and communication at UVA 1999-2000). Within one year we succeded in getting this single word-format radio program directly into the important german „marketing-analysis“ by winning more than 21 000 listeners per hour.

And that in the regional Berlin-market, that was shared by 32 other radio stations.
We were very proud but then the station was sold, changed their communication agency and after a year it suddenly disappeared.

We were positioning the radio station as the fastest news and information station.

After the cooperation with us, they positioned their station as a stock-exchange program and lost all their listeners.


(1996-2001 at UVA) In 1996 we won the account of the Investitions Bank Brandenburg with this idea:

The bank supports the Brandenburg economy successfully. But who knows the people behind this success? So we showed them in person and their work in relation to the key industries in Brandenburg.

This was of course part of a complex CI concept that we set up and that still is successful. The CD we
developed allowed a broad variety of ideas in a consequent design.

In 2001 we even made it to the third place amongst all business reports of german finance institutes.

(Communication at UVA 1998-2000) Kinnarps is a swedish company that produces
high quality and inventive office furniture.

We were asked to address and win new clients on a B2B strategy that was targetted on the eastern
german markets.

The office furniture market in Germany is spoiled and so we decided to use events and direct
communication in different ways.